Enclothed Cognition and Athleisure Wear

In 2012, two cognitive psychologists at Northwestern University, Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky were researching the effects of clothing on human psychology and behavior when they coined the term “enclothed cognition”. They used this term to describe the influence of clothing on the psychology of the wearer. Their research revealed that clothing we associate with certain experiences or functions, such as sportswear or uniforms, can enhance our experience and even improve our performance.

Adam and Galinsky’s research revealed that the symbolic meaning of clothing could influence our thoughts and behavior while wearing the clothing. Based on these findings, it could be interpreted that wearing proper athleisure attire to workouts could potentially motivate us and even improve our experience while doing so. With gyms closing down around the country due to COVID-19, losing motivation to work out or getting back to our regular fitness routines is a common struggle. However, based on this 2012 study, owning and wearing the right attire could help you gain back your motivation and improve performance!

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