Fleek - The Future of Fashion Discovery

Have you ever found yourself casually scrolling through hundreds of images of clothing for hours just to find one piece that is just perfect? Every day, thousands of hours of shoppers’ time are wasted on cluttered sites and returning clothing that “really is not their style”. Although online shopping can often be a tiring experience, the feeling of finding that one piece you have been looking for is always exciting . This feeling was what the Fleek founders, Cyprien, Naman, and Kian, had in mind when creating their new personalized shopping app. They realized the digital shopping experience is often overwhelming with inconsistent experiences across brands. So, they wanted to create the most personalized and unified mobile shopping experience: Fleek.

Through the Tinder-like swiping interface, Fleek learns what you like as you swipe to find and recommend the latest fashion for your style. You can search, save, share, and purchase items instantly across many top brands all in one app. Similar to Spotify or Netflix, Fleek offers recommendations that are personalized to your preferences, enhancing your experience and saving you time. By swiping for several minutes, the algorithm can start to identify your preferences, from your favorite colors to your profound hatred of off-the-shoulder dresses.

Discovery of new brands and styles is as important to the Fleek team as is their sophisticated personalization algorithms. “The way our algorithm works, there’s a prominent sense of discovery. It’s not just a platform to show you the things you already have in your closet; it’s a place to discover new fashion.” Fleek also has plans to expand on social shopping so users can discover which items their friends are “faving”.

Fashion is continuously evolving and Fleek is creating a community-focused, personalized shopping experience that will grow along with it.